Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Trump Agenda and The War of Words

Nothing could have prepared those on the Left for a President Trump. He came into the White House like a raging lion and has shown the world what TRUE leadership looks like. While the nuts in the liberal media do their best to twist every single word the President says, we, as Patriots need to stop allowing them to control the narrative.

One such example is how we refer to the children brought here illegally by their parents. I’m sorry, but every time I hear someone say, “children brought her through no fault of their own,” I nearly LOSE it!

By allowing that term to stand, we are painting a picture of poor little children being ripped from the arms of their parents and taken away by the meanie Republicans and President Trump.

No, that’s not what’s happening. Those children are NOT victims of a cruel, uncaring government. They are children brought here illegally. Just because they are children, it does not give them the right to be here. They are illegal aliens, just like their parents.

I’m sorry, but that is the excuse used to force Americans to say we need to let mom and dad stay too because we can’t separate the family. Okay, so if a family decides to move into YOUR house against your will, you can’t force them to leave because the children are there through no fault of their own? Doesn’t sound so good now, does it?

Another term that gets me worked up is Dreamers. That’s another way to stop Americans from demanding them returned to the country of their parents. I may sound like a heartless bitch, but when I see young adults holding a sign and demanding that I pay for their college and turn a blind eye to the fact they are breaking the law by being here just gets my blood boiling.

What about our children and grandchildren? Why aren’t they Dreamers? Why aren’t they entitled to the special privileges like the so-called Dreamers? While many support the DACA kids, I don’t. Once you become an adult, I believe it’s your responsibility to take the proper steps to become a legal resident of this country. Marching and demanding the American people give you something you’ve not earned is wrong. Call me heartless, I just don’t care.

The lies told to garner support for illegals is never-ending.  The one about nursing babies ripped from their mother's arms is a classic example. According to ICE agents it NEVER happened, but hey, it makes for great propaganda, right?

Then there’s the term, UNDOCUMENTED immigrant. What the hell is that? So, does that mean a drug dealer is an undocumented pharmacist? I don’t think so. It just means you don’t have the proper documentation, pure and simple. It doesn’t make you legal. Nope, you’re still breaking the law.

With our DC lawmakers voting on the illegal immigrant issue next week, we need to remind them not to fall into the liberal word trap. Those children that the liberals claim are being mistreated by President Trump would not be taken from their parents had their parents entered the US the right way… LEGALLY!

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