Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President-Elect Trump!!

By Linda L Barton
Wow, what a wild ride.  When Donald Trump came down that escalator, I remember thinking to myself...There's our next President.  Now, I'm not going to say that I didn't have times when I thought he had screwed up, but he proved me wrong each time.  Then it was time to vote, and I saw Patriots across the country voting for the man we all believe will Make America Great Again.

Monday night was a rough night for me.  I tossed and turned in my bed, worrying about the outcome of the election.  Would we have Hillary Clinton as our President with all of her corruption and horrible policies, or would we have Donald Trump, a man with bold dreams for this country?  I finally got out of bed and after starting a pot of coffee, I came out to the living room and began my 24-hour vigil.  My husband and I then sat and watched the different news shows on Fox Business (we enjoy it much more than Fox News) and waited for the results to start coming in.

Early in the results when it looked like Hillary might do it, my poor hubby nearly threw up his arms and went to bed....BUT suddenly it all changed.  The voter's voices for this country started to be heard loud and clear.  Then as each state went for Trump, we felt our joy building to a frenzied point. Florida, as a welcome surprise since those in the media, claimed it was a Hillary stronghold.  Next, we held our breath for North Carolina  Dang, that was a real nail-biter.  The strong victory in Ohio, had us doing the Happy Dance, and seeing our beloved Texas stay RED, made us sigh with relief.

Then the real wait began... Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Trump was at 254, so a Michigan win would have given him the 270 he needed.  He was ahead in both, but they refused to give them to him.  I thought I would lose my mind when Pensylvania sat at 97% for what seemed like forever.  I was chanting with the gathered crowd in New York City when they were demanding it be awarded to Trump.

I remember watching the split screen of the two venues and the faces on those gathered to support their candidate.  Then seeing the tears on the faces of Hillary's supporters as they realized is was over.  I have to admit, that I think she did them wrong by not coming out herself last night to talk to them.  They had stuck by her through all the crap that came out about her, and she couldn't seem to haul her sorry-ass out on that stage and face them.  Such disrespect for her supporters.

Then it happened...they gave Pennsylvania to Trump!!  Cheers broke out in our little home, as we heard those three beautiful words... President-Elect Trump.  I watched as VP-Elect Pence spoke, and I knew we were on the road to greatness again.  Then as I watched President-Elect Trump and his family enter the room, tears welled up in my eyes, and my heart burst with pride.  My hubby and I both looked at each other and said in unison... I finally got to vote for MY President.  I didn't have to hold my nose.

The pundits got it wrong.  The GOP Elites and the Progressives got it wrong.  WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE stood up against those who had controlled us for so long and said NO MORE!!  We now need to continue our fight because our new President will be facing those in DC who will not be so willing to surrender their power.

God Bless the USA
God Bless President Trump and VP Pence