Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WH Administration Hands Over The Internet To Global Governance

Call to action: CRISIS: Internet to Have Global Governance October 1. Call Congress!

We have been heading down the Highway To Hell for several decades. During the past 10 years, the speed has been upped to full throttle.

Should the U.S. lose control of the internet, we will literally have been pushed through the gates into the abyss from which there will be no escape.

The voices of freedom will be silenced. News Speak, double think, and group think will be the norm. Those who will not comply will be "dealt with". 

Better Censorship for Tyrants
  • The U.S. announced its plan to pass the oversight of the agency to a global governance model on October 1, 2016. The Obama Administration says that the transition will have no practical effects on the internet's functioning or its users, and even considers the move necessary in order to maintain international support for the internet and to prevent a fracturing of its governance. Oh really?
  • The absence of the U.S. in overseeing the governance of the internet could spell the end of the current era of free speech on the internet, as well as free enterprise.
  • What guarantees are there that internet governance will not eventually end up in the hands of those very governments, seeing as they are all very eager to gain control of it? None. The Geneva Declaration of Principles makes clear that the UN, run by a majority of authoritarian governments, wants a decisive role for governments in internet governance.
  • Civil society groups and activists are calling on Congress to sue the Obama Administration -- perhaps at least to postpone the date until more Americans are aware of the plan. It is not too late.

Very soon, on October 1, 2016, much of the internet's governance will shift from the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) authority to a nonprofit multi-stakeholder entity, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, also known by its acronym ICANN.

Until now, NTIA has been responsible for key internet domain name functions, such as the coordination of the DNS (Domain Name System) root, IP addresses, and other internet protocol resources. But in March 2014, the U.S. announced its plan to let its contract with ICANN to operate key domain name functions expire in September 2015, passing the oversight of the agency to a global governance model. The expiration was subsequently delayed until October 1, 2016.
According to the NTIA's press release at the time,
"NTIA's responsibility includes the procedural role of administering changes to the authoritative root zone file – the database containing the lists of names and addresses of all top-level domains – as well as serving as the historic steward of the DNS. NTIA currently contracts with ICANN to carry out the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions and has a Cooperative Agreement with Verisign under which it performs related root zone management functions. Transitioning NTIA out of its role marks the final phase of the privatization of the DNS as outlined by the U.S. Government in 1997".
According to the NTIA, from the inception of ICANN, the U.S. government and internet stakeholders envisioned that the U.S. role in the IANA functions would be temporary. The Commerce Department's June 10, 1998 Statement of Policy stated that the U.S. government "is committed to a transition that will allow the private sector to take leadership for DNS management." The official reason, therefore, is that
"ICANN as an organization has matured and taken steps in recent years to improve its accountability and transparency and its technical competence. At the same time, international support continues to grow for the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance as evidenced by the continued success of the Internet Governance Forum and the resilient stewardship of the various Internet institutions".
The Obama Administration says that the transition will have no practical effects on the internet's functioning or its users, and even considers the move necessary in order to maintain international support for the internet and to prevent a fracturing of its governance.

Oh really?

While the transition may appear ostensibly "technical", the absence of the United States in overseeing the governance of the internet could spell the end of the current era of free speech on the internet, as well as free enterprise.

This is not merely wild speculation; it is evident in the statements that several governments, who are less than enchanted with the concept of freedom of speech, have made in recent years regarding the governance of the internet.

Some of these statements have come to light in the preparatory work of the United Nations World Summit on Information Society, known today as WSIS+10 -- a process that began in 2003 with the Geneva Declaration of Principles and that continues to this day. Purportedly, the purpose of the process is a "commitment to build a people-centred, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society, where everyone can create, access, utilize and share information and knowledge" (section A.1), but already in section B.1 it becomes clear that the UN, run by a majority of authoritarian governments, wants a decisive role for governments in internet governance:
"Governments, as well as private sector, civil society and the United Nations and other international organizations have an important role and responsibility in the development of the Information Society and, as appropriate, in decision-making processes. Building a people-centred Information Society is a joint effort which requires cooperation and partnership among all stakeholders".
The UN, in the form of International Telecommunication Union (ITU), has already tried in vain to wrestle control of the internet from ICANN, but where the ITU failed, WSIS+10 may succeed with the new "global governance" ICANN, unshielded from the protection of the US.
The urge of various governments to control the internet is evidently there. If anything, this was clear from the submissions for the December 2015 WSIS+10 UN General Assembly High Level Meeting.
The written submission of the Group of 77 plus China -- a coalition, dating from 1964, of developing countries that now includes 134 nations -- stated that, "The management of the Internet involves both technical and public-policy issues and ... the overall authority for Internet related public policy issues is the sovereign right of States."
China's individual submission was even more interesting. It stated that,

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Malfeasance Chronicles

There is a plethora of information available on corruption and collusion in our government body which is far too much for this post.

The excerpts from the following articles are but a small sample of the egregious undertakings of those who allegedly "serve the people". Corruption has always existed, but in the past decade it has been elevated into a highly visible art form.

And it has gone unchecked.

The perpetrators seem to get away with their dirt and their supporters seemingly do not care, even when faced with the facts. Denial is the most primitive defense mechanism employed, and it is definitely the tool of choice by the unaware, useful idiots, and bots.

Chances are the reader has heard of one or more of these scandals, but perhaps an unknown gem or two will appear.

SALT LAKE CITY — Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings confirmed "that he is investigating U.S. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid based on evidence he has come across in prosecuting former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

In a response to questions this week, Rawlings in a prepared statement said he's looking into Reid and others based on the overlap in facts and witnesses in the Shurtleff case. Shurtleff himself reported what he felt may be potential crimes, Rawlings said.

The direction of the evidence investigators have accumulated demands a thorough vetting by someone with authority do to it, he said, adding that Reid and Shurtleff are presumed innocent and may in fact be innocent.

"However, to simply ignore and run from what has been presented by multiple witnesses and sources, and the potential impact on the Mark L. Shurtleff case, would mean I am either intentionally blind or overly worried," Rawlings said."More
"Former President Bill Clinton received $5.6 million in fees from a Dubai-based firm that teaches Sharia law through a network of more than 100 schools worldwide.

Clinton served as the honorary chairman of the company GEMS Education from 2011 to 2014, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported this week, citing Clinton’s federal tax returns.

GEMS Education teaches Sharia law in over 100 schools around the world, including in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. One of the company’s schools, located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, taught 1,600 students in 2013. Saudi Arabia is known for enforcing Wahhabism, a fundamentalist view of Islam that strictly adheres to Sharia law." More
It appears to be official: the FBI is investigating potential corruption in the Clinton Foundation. "And here’s what may be even more encouraging, given our recent disappointment in the willingness of the FBI to press charges where it appeared they were due. The investigation into the Clinton Foundation is being supported by various local U.S. attorneys’ offices — including a New York-based U.S. Attorney whose “prosecutorial aggressiveness has resulted in a large number of convictions of banks, hedge funds and Wall Street insiders.” The attorney is known for securing convictions of prominent political figures as well." More
NY Times Public Editor Calls Out The Paper Over Hillary Clinton Cover-Up "The New York Times is just one outlet, but this is going on across the media landscape. Hillary is getting away with murder while Donald Trump gets raked over the coals for stupid stuff like the Khan spat and jokes about Russian espionage. Credit where credit is due: It’s good that this even appeared in the Times, but shame on them for allegedly trying to bury it by not sharing it on their social accounts. It’s well worth a read and a share, even if the other (non-public) editors there don’t think so." More
CIA Chief Who Edited Benghazi Talking Points, Works for Hillary Adviser, Endorses Hillary "Former CIA director Michael Morell endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and blasted GOP rival Donald Trump, accusing him of becoming an unwitting agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin in an op-ed on Friday.

CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, who edited the talking points that were used by Susan Rice on Sept. 16, was told in a secure video call less than 72 hours after the attack by our people on the ground in Libya that they were ‘baffled, angry, and dismayed, with Washington’s singular focus on the video. They were upset with Morell because he seemed to dismiss their reporting — none of which suggested in any way that a video was the cause of the attack. That video conference call included CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, the CIA Chief of Station in Tripoli, survivors who had been evacuated to Germany, and Greg Hicks (Deputy to Ambassador Chris Stevens).

Sunday, August 21, 2016

In case you missed this: When Trump Fought the Racists

Marjorie Merriweather Post Hutton's home in Palm Beach, Fla. is pictured here on Jan. 14, 1928.

Outright hatred and lies seem to be the weapons of choice by the extreme leftists/fascists disguising themselves as Democrats. Even when faced with indisputable facts, they will hold their ground as though their existence depends upon it---and it does.

There remain far too many "Kennedy Democrats" and younger voters who are not aware of  exactly how far the party has been infiltrated by these totalitarians and exactly what it is that they are supporting. The ultimate agenda is the weakening of America so as to allow the formation of a one world government.   

See:  George Soros: The United States Must Stop Resisting The Orderly Decline Of The Dollar, The Coming Global Currency And The New World Order

Of course the Soros dominated MSM continues to do its assigned job well, and unfortunately, the fruits of its labors are coming to pass. The truth is vilified and the lies are elevated into doctrine

The following article is a priceless gem from Trump's past and deserves wide spread attention. Because he wants to put national security and the well being of American citizens first, he is excoriated as a racist. Really?  Is that not the job of the president of the United States Of America?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's time to choose

As the general election gets into high gear, we are being bombarded with reports on the candidates, and what they will do if elected President.  As I'm sure you all know, I'm supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States and have since day one.  In the beginning, I had friends question my choice of who I wanted to lead this great nation, but over time, I have watched those same friends come to realize that Trump is just what we need at this time of our country's history.

I have watched the steady attempt to destroy Donald Trump by those on the left and the NeverTrumpers, but it seems the more they try, the less effect their attacks and lies have on the American people.  I have heard those same people say, "We need someone who is Presidential."  Well, let's take a look at just what Presidential looks like...

The great state of Louisiana is recovering from a major flooding event and where is our current President and those who want to replace him?

President Obama is on yet another vacation, golfing and having a wonderful time.  This is the same man who went after President Bush for "flying" over the flooding during the Katrina disaster and not getting on the ground with those suffering.  This is the same man who sent a memo out to the rescuers to be sure to not be racist in their rescue attempts just the other day.  This is the same man who couldn't cut is vacation short and go back to the White House in solitary to the people of Louisiana.   If this is Presidential then we need to rethink things.

Hillary Clinton loves to say how she is ready to be the President and how she will always be there for the American people.  She proved how well she would be there when Americans were under attack in Benghazi and 4 Americans died .  Now, she's doing it again.  Americans are suffering in Louisiana and where is Hillary?  She's fundraising and resting.  Oh yeah, she did take a few moments of her precious time to call the Governor of Louisiana.  Wasn't that special?  *sarcasm intended**

Yesterday, Donald Trump proved he is a man of his word.  He proved that actions are more powerful than empty promises.  He knew the media and the Democrats would try to spin his simple act of caring into something else, but he didn't care.  Donald Trump took the time out of his busy campaign to go to Louisiana and meet with the people.  He took 4 hours to tour the area, hear the people's stories, and bring them some much-needed supplies that HE paid for out of his own pocket.

Trump showed up, which is more than you can say about our current President and the other candidate wanting the job.

As I watched the many videos taken, showing the faces of those suffering from the flooding as they told their stories to Donald Trump; I couldn't help but see the compassion and concern in his eyes for everything those people are facing.  He didn't grandstand, he didn't give a speech.  He simply listened and gave his support.

So, my fellow Americans, we have an important decision to make this November 8th.  Do we elect someone who never shows up when needed like we have now, or do we elect a man who thinks of the needs of others and steps up to help and does what's needed?  This my fellow Patriots is the man we need.  Donald Trump has shown us what being Presidential looks like.

It's time to take our country back from those who seek to destroy it.  Trump/Pence 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Will Someone In Authority Please Muzzle Nutty Uncle Joe?

Remember this one?

KUHNER: The betrayal of the Navy’s SEAL Team 6
How they were ‘outed’ to assist Obama’s re-election campaign
Navy SEAL Team 6 became a household name for their role in killing Osama bin Laden. On May 1, 2011, the country rightly celebrated the death of bin Laden. The Obama administration, however, wanted to do more. It sought to claim full credit for the assassination, deciding to spike the football. On May 3, at an event in Washington, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. did the unthinkable: He publicly revealed the identity of the special-operations unit responsible for bin Laden’s killing. His reckless action put at risk the lives of every member of SEAL Team 6. The Taliban and other jihadists eager to avenge bin Laden now knew which unit to target. Stunned and shocked, SEAL members immediately realized they were going to be hunted by al Qaeda sympathizers.

Remember how everyone was aghast that at the outing of our most secret and elite team for everyone to see?

Now, we have this gem:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Email Exposure: Pentagon ASKED Hillary to LET THEM send help to Benghazi

Deleterious To The Body Politic

An email recently obtained by Judicial Watch shows that the Pentagon was demanding Hillary allow them to send help to Benghazi during the 2012 attack. This would completely contradict the claim from Hillary and Leon Panetta that no forces were available and within reach to provide help to the compound that was under siege.

From Fox News:

As the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was unfolding, a high-ranking Pentagon official urgently messaged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top deputies to offer military help, according to an email obtained by Judicial Watch.

The revelation appears to contradict testimony Defense Secretary Leon Panetta gave lawmakers in 2013, when he said there was no time to get forces to the scene in Libya, where four Americans were killed, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

“I just tried you on the phone but you were all in with S [apparent reference to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton],” reads the email, from Panetta’s chief of staff Jeremy Bash. “After consulting with General Dempsey, General Ham and the Joint Staff, we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. They are spinning up as we speak.”
Ironically, Hillary Clinton and her minions were concerned with spinning the story instead of gearing up the military forces.

Here’s the email:

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Hacking Chronicles: George Soros, NATO Join The Assaulted DNC

A viewpoint: things are becoming quite interesting in the hacking department. Accusations, twists, deceit, and suspects abound. The one thing we know is that hacking DID occur. However, it is turning into a "whodunit" and why. This reads like mystery/spy thriller--sort of.  
George Soros, NATO Allegedly Hacked By "Russians"

Step aside Democratic party: according to the latest official conspiracy theory promoted by the media, in addition to the DNC, unknown hackers managed to penetrate both the server of retired former top NATO general, Philip Breedlove as well as that of George Soros, the prominent billionaire supporter behind Hillary Clinton's campaign. Only the people are not "unknown", as the media already has its pre-determined narrative : they are, of course, Russians.

How do we know it was the Russians?

Well we don't, but according to "security experts" cited by Bloomberg, the site behind the hacks,, "with its spiffy capitol-dome logo", shows the marks of the same Russian intelligence outfit that targeted the Democratic political organizations. Supposedly these are the same "experts" who concluded just hours after the infamous Wikileaks release of 20,000 Democratic emails, that it was the Russians who were behind that particular hack too.

More unsubstantiated details:
Describing itself as the work of American hacktivists, was registered in April, and many of the documents were posted in early June. A DCLeaks administrator, who identified himself by e-mail as Steve Wanders, didn’t respond to written questions, including why much of the material focuses on Russia or Russian foreign-policy interests.

The site seems designed to cater to the U.S. media’s voracious appetites for leaks. It has related Twitter and Facebook accounts that push out nuggets from purloined documents and that suggest angles journalists might pursue.

The Russian government has dismissed the idea that it was involved in the hack of the Democratic National Committee, and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said there’s “no proof whatsoever” that Moscow was involved.
Surely there has to be something more than merely circumstantial suggesting that this was a Russian group? The answer is no.
The leaks highlight the effectiveness of some of the hackers’ tricks, including the targeting of private e-mail accounts to gather sensitive military and political intelligence. DCLeaks also offers some insight for investigators on what appears to be the hackers’ early missteps and ad hoc approach. “It really looks like the hackers tried a couple of things that just weren’t really working before they hit on using WikiLeaks,” said John Hultquist, the manager of cyberespionage intelligence at FireEye Inc. “With this earlier stuff, it looks like they were experimenting.”
It gets better:
Security experts see links to a larger Russian information operation. That’s in part, according to two people familiar with the probe, because the e-mail addresses of Breedlove and Hamilton were among thousands targeted in a several-month campaign that began last fall by a Russian hacking group that cybersecurity firms have referred to by monikers including Fancy Bear, APT28 and the Sofacy Group.
And the punchline:
Cyberintelligence firms have linked that hacking group to the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence service, whose Moscow headquarters is nicknamed the Aquarium. Three private security groups have linked the DNC incursion to that group and another Russian hacking group associated with the FSB, the country’s civilian intelligence agency. U.S. intelligence agencies have told officials they believe the DNC hack was orchestrated by the Russian government.
So, according to the official narrative, we are supposed to believe that these "Russian hackers", part of the military intelligence service, managed to gather sensitive military and political intelligence, got inside a NATO general's server, penetrated Soros' email... yet were unable to get inside Hillary Clinton's DIY, unprotected home email server? Oh, and these intelligence assets were smart enough to do all this, but dumb enough to leave trails as being associated with other Russian hacking groups, knowing full well that when their trails was exposed, it would lead to a massive diplomatic scandal or worse.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Patriots, it's time to SHOUT!

I don’t know what happened, but we now seem to live in a country where freedom of speech is forbidden.  Now, I’m not saying there aren’t those who are allowed to exercise their right to free speech, but you damn well better be touting the leftist agenda or you will pay.  We all have seen it happening over the years whenever a Conservative was invited to speak at a university.  If the leftists weren’t able to get the university to revoke the invitation, then protesters would go to the speech and shout down the speaker with the goal of preventing a conservative view point from being shared.
However, now we’ve watched as those on the left have stepped things up to a fevered pitch.  This current administration has voiced the desire to punish anyone who speaks negatively about Islam and organized protesters go to Trump rallies to disrupt and attack those in attendance.  We watch as our elected officials pass legislation to fund the bringing of refugees and illegals to our shores then cut funding for our elderly and veterans.  Yet if we contact them with our concerns we are attacked.  We’re even under attack from Facebook.  Patriots have had their accounts suspended or even closed for speaking up against the steady march toward Socialism and corruption the left is forcing on us.
It has always amazed me how people just don’t understand what the 1st Amendment really means.  Over the years its true meaning has been twisted and distorted to mean we have a right to say whatever we want to say.  But in actuality, it has nothing to do with me having the right to call someone an asshole.  What the 1st Amendment is for is to protect us FROM THE GOVERNMENT.  
Let’s take a look at just what it says…

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
As we all know, the first part about religion is used against Christians all the time.  If you read the words, nowhere in there does it say anything about keeping religion out of government.  What it says is government shall not establish and force one religion on the people.  It doesn’t say that people of faith cannot hold office.  It does not say that faith cannot be used in the thought process of those holding office.  It’s quite clear what it says.  Our government shall NOT force a religion on the people and prohibit them from practicing their chosen faith.  How more clearly does it need to be?
Next, it mentions not abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.  Nowhere does it mention that freedom of speech doesn’t have anything to do with the right to speak up against what we see our government is doing wrong.  In fact, it then goes on to say that we have the right to peaceably assemble and petition the government when we feel those in power are doing wrong.
However, there are those today who are trying to twist the meaning of this important Amendment.  There was a reason it was the first one.  For if the people do not have the right to speak up against the wrongs they see their government doing then we are no longer a Republic.  We have allowed the leftists to use freedom of speech against us.  We can no longer stand by and let this continue.  There is far too much at stake.

My fellow Patriots, today we face a fork in the road for the future of our country.  We have to make a decision.  Do we turn to the left and march toward Socialism, or do we turn right and build on what our Founding Fathers fought and died for…Freedom!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Economic/Social Armageddon: Hillary’s Proposed Tax Hikes

The filthy rich will not feel a thing with these proposed tax hikes. They will undoubtedly keep many loopholes. Also, what's an extra $100,000 in taxes when one is a multi billionaire?

The plan appears to be to tax the Middle Class out of existence, wreck the economy, increase poverty, and swell the national debt to the breaking point.

This nation cannot afford to carry anymore social/financial burdens.

Should she win, like her predecessor, she will undoubtedly continue to pursue the agenda---weaken and destroy the nation internally so as to hand it over to her fellow Globalist elites for the eventual completion of their ultimate plan---a totalitarian world government.

Full List of Hillary’s Planned Tax Hikes
Posted by John Kartch and Alexander Hendrie 
Hillary Clinton has made clear she intends to dramatically raise taxes on the American people if elected. She has proposed an income tax increase, a business tax increase, a death tax increase, a capital gains tax increase, a tax on stock trading, an "Exit Tax" and more (see below). Her planned net tax increase on the American people is at least $1 trillion over ten years, based on her campaign’s own figures.
Hillary has endorsed several tax increases on middle income Americans, despite her pledge not to raise taxes on any American making less than $250,000. She has said she would be fine with a payroll tax hike on all Americans, she has endorsed a steep soda tax, endorsed a 25% national gun tax, and most recently, her campaign manager John Podesta said she would be open to a carbon tax. It’s no wonder that when asked by ABC's George Stephanopoulos if her pledge was a "rock-solid" promise, she slipped and said the pledge was merely a “goal.” In other words, she's going to raise taxes on middle income Americans.

Hillary’s formally proposed $1 trillion net tax increase consists of the following:

Income Tax Increase – $350 Billion: Clinton has proposed a $350 billion income tax hike in the form of a 28 percent cap on itemized deductions.

Business Tax Increase -- $275 Billion: Clinton has called for a tax hike of at least $275 billion through undefined business tax reform, as described in a Clinton campaign document.

“Fairness” Tax Increase -- $400 Billion: According to her published plan, Clinton has called for a tax increase of “between $400 and $500 billion” by “restoring basic fairness to our tax code.” These proposals include a “fair share surcharge,” the taxing of carried interest capital gains as ordinary income, and a hike in the Death Tax.

But there are even more Clinton tax hike proposals not included in the tally above. Her campaign has failed to release specific details for many of her proposals. The true Clinton net tax hike figure is likely much higher than $1 trillion.

For instance:

Hillary on the Highway of Deception

Hillary has lied and spun the truth so many times that one has a hard time believing anything that comes out of her mouth.

And yet, people still support her. Again it is difficult to fathom how so many can either ignore or deny the truth when it is glaringly presented.

Once again either ignorance or useful idiocy has pervaded the collective I.Q. 

As if the following four (fifth update added) posts are not damning enough, there is a plethora of information regarding her questionable (criminal?) activities available should one care to search. 

And for those who will react negatively or try to compare her to Trump saying she is not as bad as he is, this is not about endorsing Trump. It is solely about Hillary's lies and cover-ups to save her own skin, period! 

Even the Soros dominated alphabet media cannot hide the truth forever

What will it take for people to see her for what she is?

From The Hillary Daily

"In sworn testimony given in a deposition by Judicial Watch, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin revealed that she and Hillary used the private server for some government business, especially while traveling abroad.

Both Hillary and Huma knew that they were not permitted to use their devices outside the U.S. Hillary admitted that she and her aides was explicitly warned by State Dept. security experts that her phone could easily be hacked in foreign countries. In her book Hard Choices, she describes the specific instructions to refrain from using her personal Blackberry, laptops, and any other electronic devices in foreign countries.

But she completely ignored them. She was more interested in protecting her own secrets than the U.S. government secrets.

Now Huma has confirmed that she — and her staff — arrogantly ignored those serious warnings." More

From Breitbart

We are in the fight of our lives

As I sit here and watch the news today, I can't help but wonder how we are going to win this fight for our country and the freedom we love.  The media pundits are gleefully announcing that Hillary is way up in the polls, and for some reason, Trump is sinking like a rock.  Now, none of that makes any sense to me.  If you read the posts on Facebook showing the massive crowds at the Trump rallies, and then your see the handful of people at a Hillary rally, it just doesn't add up.  Then I stop and realize, we are being herded like cattle to the slaughter by a force far too many of us have denied.

I remember years ago when I first heard Alex Jones talking about the New World Order and Agenda 21. I thought, what a nutcase, BUT over the years as things have unfolded, I've begun to see he was right. As conservatives, we've all been played for fools in our support of the Republican Party. The Republican Party has been in cahouts with the Democrats for YEARS. They've been working behind the scenes to destroy our Republic, and lead us blindly into Socialism. 

Bernie Sanders has proudly stated he's a Democratic Socialist, yet somehow he managed to get MILLIONS of enthusiastic followers.  Hillary has said she considers herself a Progressive.  The thing that most Americans don't understand is both of these stem from the same ideology - Socialism.  What I find troubling is how Americans love to label Trump as dangerous when Sanders and Clinton share the same basic belief system.  What's even more frightening is Adolf Hilter considered himself as a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST.  Talk about interesting bedfellows.  For those of you who don't know what a Democratic Socialist is, here is the description.

Democratic socialism is a political ideology that advocates politicaldemocracy alongside social ownership of the means of production, often with an emphasis on democratic management of enterprises within a socialist economic system.

That's some scary shit, huh?  I remember when I first watched the Hunger Games. While it was an entertaining movie, I understood its message hidden right there in plain sight. The Hunger Games showed us our future once Agenda 21 is completed. This is what the Elites want. Yeah, some may call me a crazed conspiracy nut, but I can no longer deny what is right there before my eyes.

This is why BOTH sides are doing everything they can to stop Trump. He's not part of their plan. Trump is a Nationalist. He puts the interests of United States and its people FIRST. I just hope it's not too late for us as a country. The media is working overtime to convince the people that Trump is the enemy with the help of those in our OWN party. I fear for the future of this country. I fear for the world I'm leaving behind for my grandchildren.

So, for any of you who think I'm crazy, I'll just put back on my foil hat, and load my gun while clinging to my bible. 

God Bless America, and God protect Donald J Trump from those who would do him harm.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Left Wins: Courts Deal Series Of Blows To Voter ID Laws--The Left wins


Are we all Sick and Tired of the specious argument that minorities and other disadvantaged groups are unable to obtain voter IDs? That argument is pure bovine scat!

These rulings--- a Surprise not. They guarantee a Hillary win without benefit of rigged machines. The only way Trump has a chance is if every Republican on the face of American soil comes out and votes for him. Even that may not be enough.

America is being shoved down the Highway To Hell full throttle by its so-called leaders, and the liberal courts are all too happy to accommodate.

As November Approaches, Courts Deal Series Of Blows To Voter ID Laws

All summer long, the clock has been ticking on voting rights cases. Judges don’t like to change voting rules too near an election, and November is creeping ever closer.

And the last two weeks, in particular, have been eventful: Five courts in five states ruled against voter ID and proof-of-citizenship laws.

There’s still time for appeals and stays. But for now, advocates for voting access are celebrating.

“It’s been like Christmas Day,” one activist told CNN on Monday.

Supporters of voter ID laws have argued they are necessary to prevent voter fraud. But in their responses, judges consistently highlighted the rarity of voter fraud — particularly through in-person voting.

A federal judge in North Dakota went further: “The undisputed evidence before the Court reveals that voter fraud in North Dakota has been virtually non-existent,” he wrote, as he rejected a voter ID law justified by fears of such fraud.

Here’s a look at the recent rulings:

We've been sold out again!!

The Obama administration has secretly sent $400 million in cash to Iran, and this was done at the same time of the January release of four Americans held in Tehran, according to U.S. and European officials and congressional staff briefed on the operation.

Wooden pallets stacked with euros, Swiss francs and other currencies were flown into Iran on an unmarked cargo plane, according to officials. It was reported the U.S. got the money from the central banks of the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Occording to sources, the money was the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement the Obama administration reached with Iran for a dispute over a failed arms deal signed just before the 1979 fall of Iran’s last monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Senior U.S. officials have denied any link between the payment and the prisoner exchange. However, Revolutionary Guard commanders had boasted at the time of the Americans caving to Iranian pressure. “Taking this much money back was in return for the release of the American spies,” said Gen. Mohammad Reza Naghdi, commander of the Guard’s Basij militia, on state media.

What's also interesting about this transaction is how the $400 million was paid in foreign currency. I'm sure the reason for this is any transaction with Iran in U.S. dollars is illegal under U.S. law. The sanctions against Iran also complicate Tehran’s access to global banks.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas said, "This break with longstanding U.S. policy put a price on the head of Americans, and has led Iran to continue its illegal seizures of Americans."

So, in my humble opinion, it looks as though this administration has put our American people abroad in danger by those wishing to collect ransom for their return. This is just more proof that Obama does not have the best interests of the American people as a priority.

It's time for a change in the White House.
It's time to elect someone who puts the interests of the American people first.
It's time to elect Donald J Trump - President of the United States!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hillary vile, foul mouthed attack on a K-9 dog handler

militarhy k9 dog with handler
Pinterest photo from Steven  Benjamin – Writer

There has been much written about Hillary's temper and foul mouth. Her condescending vitriol towards the "little people" who work for her is classless, vile, and inexcuseable.
And she would have us believe that she is fighting for us!

Hillary to Military K9 Handler: ‘Get that F__king dog away from me.’
Eric Bonner, a military K9 handler, posted the following on his Facebook page. His comments have gone viral.

I’m not Voting for Clinton.
It has nothing to do with her views. It really doesn’t even matter about all the laws she broke.
It’s because She actually talked to me once. Almost a sentence.
But first, some background.
Being a K9 handler in the Military I got to do a few details involving Distinguished Visitors. Mostly Generals, DOD Officials, and Secretaries of Defense. I was lucky enough to pull two awesome details. George W Bush, and Obama.

GW looked at me, said “Man, who’d you piss off” high fived me, and continued on. I was climbing down from a catwalk I stood on for 4 hours with nothing but Dust and a radio to keep me company. The radio died early on. It was pretty sweet.

Obama, as he was walking out to his plane in Turkey, said “What the hell kind of dog is that?!” In reference to Suli.

One of my Last details was for Hillary when she was Secretary of State. She was in Turkey for whatever rneason. I helped with sweeps of her DV Quarters and staff vehicles. Her words to me? “Get that Fucking dog away from me.” Then she turns to her Security Detail and berates them up and down about why that animal was in her quarters. For the next 20 minutes while I sit there waiting to be released she lays into her detail, slamming the door in their faces when she’s done. The Detail lead walks over apologizes and releases me. I apologize to him for getting him in trouble. His words “Happens every day, Brother”
Hillary doesn’t care about anyone but Hillary. 

Hillary Clinton Claims She Doesn't Want to 'Repeal the Second Amendment'

Just another worrisome item in the Hillary Clinton bag of treacherous tricks.

By Liz Sheld
Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sat down with Chris Wallace of Fox News for her first interview following the Democrat National Convention. Wallace directed the conversation to the topic of gun control and Clinton appeared to reverse her earlier position against the Second Amendment.

Just last year, audio was leaked from a Clinton fundraiser where she was heard saying, "The Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment."

Clinton was referring to the SCOTUS decision on the Heller case, in which the court affirmed an individual's right to own a firearm. Simply put, the Supreme Court ruled that the District of Columbia could not prevent the plaintiff from owning a gun or having it available and accessible to use if necessary.

What's the point of having a gun if it's unavailable to use for self defense?

Newsbusters points out that back in May, a Clinton political advisor sent a statement to Bloomberg News that Clinton believes Heller was "wrongly decided."

But on Wallace's show, Clinton changed her tune and said she didn't want to see the Heller decision overturned. Here's the transcript:
WALLACE: And the Second Amendment includes an individual right to bear arms.