Videos of American Pride

We all see some great videos on social media, so I decided to put some of the best here on my blog. If you have one you'd like added, just let me know.  I'll be adding more as I find them.  So for now, grab some tissue and enjoy!

When Freedom Rings
We didn't start it, but we will damn sure will finish it!

God Bless the USA

Tea Party member stuns crowd with 2nd verse of the National Anthem

The Pledge of Allegiance

America the Beautiful

The Great Defenders 

Have You Forgotten?

Something to Be Proud Of

Courtesy of The Red, White, and Blue

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

9/11 Budweiser Commercial that only aired once

American Soldier

Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance

If You're Reading This

Letter From Home

8th of November


Tattoos and Scars

Riding with Private Malone

Amazing Grace - Scottish Bagpipes

Where the Stars and Stripes and Eagles Fly

Ballad of the Green Berets
SSGT Barry Sadler

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