Friday, October 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Bimbo Eruptions

Written by Linda L Barton

With the election just a month away, things are beginning to heat up on the campaign trail.  The democrats are now lobbing attacks at Trump about things he has said about women years ago and how he should not be allowed to be in the White House.  Of course, this is all in an attempt to deflect from the release of more damaging emails showing how Hillary feels about the Sanders supporters and her true feelings about how to control the economy in her Wall Street speeches.  While I have to agree this latest release of Trump engaging in what I like to call "Guy Talk" doesn't help him, what Hillary has done to women is far worse.

Anyone who was around when Bill Clinton was President, knew of his "wandering" ways.  The man couldn't seem to keep it in his pants for a single second.  While cheating on your wife is wrong, Bill Clinton often took it to a much more horrendous level.  Clinton has had several women come forward with accusations of affairs, assault, and even rape.  In my opinion, that is far worse than a man "Guy Talking" with another man.  However, what happened to those women after the ugliness committed by Bill Clinton paled in comparison to what the "Women's Champion" Hillary Clinton did to them.

Hillary organized and ordered what was referred to as "Bimbo Squads", where the women who tried to tell of what happened between them and Bill Clinton were harassed, threatened, and smeared with lies to shut them up.  Hillary spared no expense to assure the women involved with Bill Clinton were discredited in the eyes of the media and the American public.

Let's take a look back at the women who sparked Hillary's fear of a Bimbo Eruption.

Juanita Broaddrick - Accused Clinton of raping her while Governor of Arkansas

Kathleen Willey - Accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her while he was President

Paula Jones - Sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, he settled out of court for $850,000

Sandra Allen James - Accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her during his 1991 Presidental campaign.

Eileen Wellstone - Accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her when he was a student at Oxford University in England in 1969

Christy Zercher - Accused Clinton of groping her while he was on a campaign plane in 1991

Carolyn Moffet - Accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her while the Governor of Arkansas in 1979

Helen Dowdy - Claims that Clinton groped her in 1986

Becky Brown - Was Chelsea's nanny, Clinton coerced her into having sex with him

Regina Blakely Hopper - Claimed to be in a sexual relationship with Clinton

Monica Lewinsky - In a sexual relationship with Clinton while he was President. He lied about it under oath, but Monica's Blue Dress proved his purgery. Most Americans will never think the same about a cigar again after Clinton's presidency

Elizabeth Ward Gracen - Claims to have had a one-night stand with Clinton in 1982

Gennifer Flowers - Claims to have had a 12-year affair with Clinton

Connie Hamzy - A rock groupie who claims she was propositioned by then Arkansas-Governor Bill Clinton in 1984

Dolly Kyle Browning - Claims to have had a sexual relationship with Clinton from the 1970s until 1992

Sally Miller (Sally Perdue) - Threatened by Democratic party staffers to not talk about her affair with Clinton in 1983

Lencola Sullivan - Unconfirmed allegation that she had an affair with Clinton

So, as those in the media lick their lips over this latest attack against Trump with the hope it will derail his chance at the White House, let's put things in perspective.  Talking smack about women, while it may be childish, in no way compares to forcing yourself on women over and over again.

Those in the media are twisting themselves into knots over something Trump said years ago, but don't even think of mentioning anything that Hillary did to the women involved with her husband.  The Clintons have proven time and time again that they believe they are above the law.  They do some of the most heinous things and then are shocked when called on them.  

So, now we wait and see how this whole thing plays out in the coming days.  If someone isn't allowed to say stupid things and then repent, we are lost as a nation.  Watch out my fellow Patriots, because next, we'll be in trouble for our thoughts. 


  1. I really enjoyed this and included a few I didn't even know about.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this post. I thought it was important to remind and educate people of the TRUE Clintons and how they treat women.