The Pissed Infidel

Every day we are told that our distrust of the refugees being brought to this great country is based on hate and racism.  We are constantly told that Islam is a Religion of Peace and it was hijacked by radicals who have twisted the teachings and commandments in the Quran.

Well, I decided to do some research on the truth of Islam and what I found was not only confusing because it didn't match ANYTHING we've been told by the scholars and those in our government, but it was infuriating and quite terrifying.  Because of my findings, I decided to do a blog series that clearly lays out the TRUTH of Islam...what they believe,  what they are commanded to do, and most importantly, what they feel they must do. They've told us, we just need to listen.

I have this series about the Truth of Islam on our sister blog - Researching America, but I thought I'd share it here as well.  This information is too important.  We must arm ourselves with the necessary knowledge to fight this war with Islamic Terrorists, and their ideology, which is endangering our country today.

Week 1 - Ten simple reasons why Islam is Not a Religion of Peace

Week 2 - The truth about the Christian Crusades

Week 3 - The true meaning of the word Islam

Week 4 - The truth of the contributions to society by Islam

Week 5 - The Truth about Sharia Law


  1. Thanks for this info we must ACTION all of us try and STOP AND ACTION anyway possible and to contact our leadership finding out what Agency is working hard for us and our beloved Children. Your research shows all and Act For America, Pamela Geller and others have indeed tried to warn USA...stop the Governors and high official positioned for them. LINDA BARTON THANKS...I will share your excellent write-ups. TRUMP AMERICA FOR SAFETY AND FREEDOM (c)

    1. I'm sorry I didn't see your comment sooner. Thank you for your kind words. Until we understand what we are facing, we're in danger. Knowledge is power.