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Friday, May 25, 2018

MS-13 Gangs and the BIG Democrat Lie

We hear every day how President Trump is a racist because he wants to secure our southern border and stop illegal immigration. Then things really got heated up from the loons on the left when President Trump referred to members of the MS-13 gangs as ANIMALS.

For most of you who pay attention to what's going on, you are well aware of how horrific the crimes are committed by the members of that gang. There is NO nice word I can think of to call them… nope, wait a moment; how about dead?

These vile demons, the term animal is too kind, are a scourge on our streets. They destroy everything in their path and kill without a second thought.

Of course, when President Trump called them ‘animals’ those in the Democrat Party pounced on that statement and seemed to stick up for them.  Heck, Nancy Pelosi seems to believe they are God’s children and have a spark of divinity in them. Oh, really? I don’t know which God Pelosi is referring to, but I don’t believe it’s the same God that Christians and Jews believe in and pray to throughout their lives.

Here’s where I have a question for Democrats. You claim to be for Blacks here in the USA. You claim to have marched for equal rights for Blacks and are working to make their lives better. Well, I must challenge that claim.

Since the Democrats have been bending over backward to see that people from countries to our south have an open door, something horrible has been happening to the Black population in the Los Angeles area. Neighborhoods that were once primarily Black are now Latino, and it didn’t happen in a peaceful way.

What is happening is MS-13 gang members have been dropped into Black neighborhoods to in fact take over the area. They have firebombed housing to drive Blacks from the area. Neighborhoods are targeted for hostile takeovers. The crimes committed are heinous.

So, this is what the Democrat Party is backing now? They are turning a blind eye to the crimes committed on innocent Black families to make room for Latinos? I guess the Democrats believe they have a lock on the American Black voter, so now it’s time to go after a new group of voters.

Yet, they call President Trump a hater. President Trump has offered those in the Black community hope for the future. He has worked hard to get their unemployment numbers to an all-time low and is a strong advocate for better education and choice.

When the Liberal media tried to make an issue of the President's ANIMAL statement, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had the BEST response...

I don't know about your, but I think Sarah ROCKS! She's 100% correct. The word ANIMAL isn't strong enough.

Please help spread the word of how the Democrats are covering for MS-13 as they destroy Black communities. It’s time to expose the Democrat hypocrisy and their lies about President Trump and how the Democrat Party has tossed the Black Community under the Latino bus.

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Breaking: Attack in Portland, Oregon

What the heck is wrong with people? Earlier today and crazed motorist decided to mow down people walking at the Portland State University Urban Center, a hub that houses university departments, eateries and is the location of a MAX station and several bus stops.

Three women were hospitalized this morning following the apparent hit-and-run at Southwest Sixth Avenue and Montgomery Street in downtown Portland, according to witnesses at the scene.

One woman is in critical condition at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital, a spokesperson said. Another is in serious condition and the third is in fair condition. Police say there may be a fourth victim who left the scene.

Christopher Bond told The Oregonian that he was nearly hit by the vehicle and said the driver “gunned the motor” as it sped toward him after already hitting three people.

Bond, 48, said he was sitting outside of the Starbucks at Southwest Sixth and Mill drinking a coffee when he heard a scream. He looked up the street and saw the SUV coming towards him. He jumped up and stood against the brick wall next to the tables as the driver made for him.

“Another half-foot more, he would’ve clipped me,” Bond said.

Bond said he couldn’t see the driver through the windshield, and he didn’t have time to write down the license plate.

Patrol Sgt. Pat Kelly said the driver plowed onto the sidewalk and “really banged up a lot of people.’’

So far, they are not reporting if they’ve found the person guilty of this cowardly, and horrendous attack.

Earlier today I wrote about how a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. I wonder if we are going to have people wanting to outlaw cars now?

Anything can be a weapon in the hands of a crazed person or someone with an agenda. You cannot stop things like this from happening by taking objects away from people. If someone wants to commit murder they will ALWAYS find a way.

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ALERT: North Korea BLINKS!

By Linda L Barton

In less than 24 hours after President Donald Trump announced the United States has pulled out of the upcoming summit with North Korea, the regime issued a major statement.

According to Axios, North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Gye Gwan released a statement saying the regime is ready to meet “at any time, in any format.”

“Leader Kim Jong Un had focused every effort on his meeting with President Trump,” Gwan said, adding that North Korea is “willing to give the U.S. time and opportunities” to reconsider talks.

The summit was to take place on June 12 in Singapore. However, White House officials have said North Korea refused to accept communications several times over the recent weeks, which led the administration to believe the talks were a no go.

Surprise, surprise: this morning, the White House announced they are “talking to” the regime again and will see what happens next based on their behavior.

While the North Korea officials are apologizing and appear to be begging for the historic summit to take place, Trump has made it clear that dictator Kim Jong Un has displayed aggressive behavior in recent weeks, which is the reason for the cancellation.

President Trump stated Kim Jung-un had appeared willing and open to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula a few weeks ago, but with the dictator now refusing to honor those initial commitments was a bad deal and the U.S. had no interest in entering such a deal.

The President went on to say how he was saddened that North Korea didn’t seem to respect the idea of peace for the Peninsula and the world. President Trump went on to reminded Kim Jung-un he didn’t appreciate the recent threats of nuclear war.

Apparently, Kim Jung-un was feeling his cheerios earlier this week when he claimed his nuclear capabilities could match the United States weaponry in a war. (Sorry, but I had to snicker at this statement.)

Not to let such a ridiculously foolish statement stand, President Trump made it extremely clear in his letter that America has the strongest and most powerful nuclear arsenal in the world and threatening the U.S. would have major consequences. “You talk about your nuclear capabilities but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.”

North Korea has been threatening the U.S. and claiming it will use its nuclear weapons on America since their meeting with China. The only problem for them is President Trump is having NO part of it.

Well, there you have it, my fellow Patriots. That's how you work a deal. While the Liberal media nuts are snickering and pounding their chests about President Trump's failure to secure the Korean summit, it looks as though it's time for them to EAT CROW again! LOL

You'd think they'd learn not to underestimate President Trump. Never mess with the Master of the Deal. LOL

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A Good Guy with a Gun SAVES Restaurant Goers!

According to reports, a good guy with a gun took down a shooter at an Oklahoma City restaurant on Thursday.

Police reported that “A man walked into the Louie’s restaurant and opened fire with a gun. Two people were shot. A bystander with a pistol confronted the shooter outside the restaurant and fatally shot him.”

The shooter’s motivation for the attack is not yet known and his identity has been kept concealed at the time of this report.

Police Capt. Bo Mathews reported that an adult woman and a child were shot when the man walked into the restaurant and opened fire. Also, a man broke a bone on his way running out of the restaurant. A fourth victim reportedly suffered a minor injury.

Police officials say at two people were rushed to the hospital, and are expected to survive. All of the injured victims are expected to fully recover.

All nearby roads were blocked off and shut down. Drivers were asked to avoid the area as video from the scene showed a large police presence.

Early reports indicate over 100 witnesses in total were detained and interviewed.

Police Capt. Matthews says the shooting appeared to be a random act and “there is no indication of terrorism at this point.” A family reunification center has been placed at 3333 West Hefner Road, police announced.

There you have it, folks. A GOOD guy with a gun stopped a BAD guy with a gun from murdering several innocent people. Just more proof that gun control IS NOT the answer to gun violence. Taking the guns from law-abiding citizens will only make them victims.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Entrapment: Russia Collusion and the Spy

By Linda L Barton

With each passing day more and more dirt is being exposed on the Mueller Russia Collusion case. Of course, the Democrats are still pounding the drum, saying that people involved with the Trump 2016 Presidental campaign are guilty of colluding with the Russians to sway the election. However, the opposite has come to light as the investigation progresses.

As a proud Deplorable, I knew from the beginning it was the Democrats who colluded with the Russians. Heck, there wasn't a country, friend or foe, that Hillary Clinton didn't gladly do a little pay for play. She took MILLIONS from the Russians for 20% of our Uranium, but NO ONE said a thing. Isn't that colluding with Russia? I think so.

Now the latest shoe to fall in the Mueller investigation is the name of the Democrat spy who attempted to infiltrate the Trump campaign. When I first heard about this mysterious person, my mind ran wild with WHO is this traitor to President Trump. The only problem was, I couldn't decide who would do such a horrible thing. I did a mental checklist and prayed some of my favorite people weren't the person set on destroying President Trump. 

I must admit, there was even a time I believed it was Jeff Sessions. Heck, with the way he's allowed this mess to continue it wasn't much of a reach, right?

It ended up being a player I'm sure most of us had never heard about though. It was Stefan Halper, a professor at Cambridge University. Let's take a look at the order of events involving Mr. Halper and individuals from the Trump campaign.
  • Cambridge University academic Stefan Halper tried to get three Trump campaign aides to trust him in 2016.
  • Paid George Papadopoulos $3,000 to write energy policy paper and flew him to London to talk about it.
  • While there, Halper asked him what he knew about Russians hacking Hillary Clinton's emails; he was reportedly annoyed to hear Page knew nothing.
  • Halper has since been fingered as a CIA asset who was probing Trump campaign insiders for information that might establish Moscow ties.
  • He also chatted up Carter Page, and Sam Clovis – the senior aide who recruited Papadopoulos and Page.
So, let's see, Stefan Halper sought out 3 of Trump's campaign aides and worked to get them to trust him. Unfortunately, when they said they didn't know of the Russians hacking Hillary's emails, Mr. Halper got upset. Hmmm...

This puts a whole new spin on this investigation as far as I'm concerned. It appears Mr. Halper was trying to set up the aides with leading questions. Isn't that entrapment? 

Those on the left have laughed at President Trump when he has claimed he was wiretapped, but we found out he was. Now we've learned he was spied on during the campaign. Talk about stacking the deck against him.

We've all watched the curtain pulled aside to expose the corruption that runs DEEP in Washington DC. I must say, I always knew it was bad, but I NEVER thought it was as bad as we are learning today.

Apparently, Mr. Halper has been busy working as a spy for past campaigns.
I'm just glad we all pulled together and put Donald Trump in the Oval Office. 

Well, my fellow Deplorables, get the popcorn ready because this is turning into a great show. The more the Democrats bitch and squirm, the closer we are getting to the truth.

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NO, Say it Ain't So, Netflix!!

By Linda L Barton

I am NOT a happy gal. I've had Netflix for years and love their original shows. Heck, I can binge watch for HOURS. However, all that is coming to an end.

It looks as though Netflix has invited the Obama's to join their organization. It was bad enough when Netflix brought on Susan Rice, but now the Obama's? Nope, that was the final straw for me. It really SUCKS too! Why won't the Obama's just GO AWAY? We had to put up with them for EIGHT, LONG and AGONIZING years. Isn't that enough???

I guess I'm gonna have to check out the other available streaming services. Why do Liberals have to ruin EVERYTHING???

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