Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bring Back America!

Written by Katharine Lauren Bethel
Did you know more mass murders have been accomplished with automatic handguns, NOT assault rifles?  Has anyone stopped to think that the reason our government doesn’t want us to have these guns (assault rifles) is that those who have them stand a chance if the government was to take over? The one thing our Constitution writers feared after a tyrannical King George??? The Revolutionary War would have ended very differently if Cobbler Stephan and Farmer Brown didn’t band together and fight with their own weapons.

Think about this: Our 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights is this: "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Break it down… To have a well-regulated Militia (A military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency), a group that is necessary to secure the freedoms of an individual State, the citizens have the right to bear arms, own arms, hold arms, buy arms, and this shall not be taken away.

ALRIGHT, so how would a state, in an Emergency crisis raise a Militia to support military if its citizens did not have the right to own weapons of military caliber? Have we ever needed this? I guess not. Should we prepare for it? YES. The American government has changed. The American people have changed. This country was founded on Freedoms, and maybe many of you have forgotten what that means, but it doesn’t mean demanding the government wipe your ass and feed your kids.

People built houses, they built businesses, they built farms, and they provided and worked for their livelihood. They were proud people who wanted the government to honestly just leave them alone. NOW, American’s want the government to coddle them, give them a backrub and tuck them into bed. We don’t need this. Our current American Government has WAY too much power and we just keep giving it to them. You scream freedoms while our very basic ones are being ripped from our hands and you don’t even realize it.

We are The United States of America… Think about this and say it slow: The…. United…. States…. Of…. America….

What are we? United States… 50 individual different entities UNITED to defend each other. We are not America, We are Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, Wisconsin, Oregon, New Mexico etc… And when the crap hits the fan we band together and blow the people who decided they are stronger than us… (Remember A Bug’s Life? When the grasshopper says “Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It's not about food, it's about keeping those ants in line.”)  Don’t you see? Americans in this Republic outnumber these Politicians more than a hundred to one, thousands to one. Hundreds of thousands to one. And yet here we go, letting them decide what our freedoms really are. Maybe we need to remind our Government what their rights actually are, the Constitution lines that out very well, very clear, short and sweet.

Here are my Rights according to MY Bill of Rights…

I cannot be stopped from exercising freely my established religion by Congress EVER, nor can CONGRESS EVER stop me from saying my beliefs or opinions, printing my beliefs or opinions, assembling my friends on my beliefs and opinions even if my beliefs and opinions are petitions against the United States Of America Government or grievances.

I can own and buy a weapon, a gun, with no regulation on military uses so that when it comes time for a rise in an emergency I shall be prepared to stand with my brothers and sisters.

I have a right to have a private and peaceful home where the government will NOT house their soldiers at any time during any unrest. (Not really useful for today, no red-coats around, however, I cannot be forced into it by MY RIGHTS)
  1. I have a right to keep my home to myself without allowing any persons not invited into my home for unreasonable reasons of search unless they have probable cause by law to believe I am holding or conducting in illegal activity. In that belief, proper paperwork for them to locate said item in exact location must be in hand.
  2. I cannot be held in jail for a capital crime or absolutely horrible crime without first being indicted in front of a grand jury. I also cannot be tried of the same offense twice, nor can my life, liberty or property be taken from me without the true and proper process of the law. I cannot and do not have to EVER be a witness against myself, nor can anyone take my personal property for public use without compensation.
  3. I cannot be tried for an accusation or crime slowly. I will be placed in front of impartial peers (which you can’t do know with this media anymore) in my state, in front of my accusers, with able lawyers who can find witnesses in my favor.
  4. If I have an issue before a court and the monetary value is more than 20 dollars, I have the right to bring it to a trial, as well as if the allegations against me are over 20 dollars.
  5. You cannot hold me in jail or obnoxious amounts of money, fees, nor can you expose me to harsh punishments.
  6. My Rights will not be construed or changed to fit your agenda and change what I can and cannot do for I am a citizen of this country.
  7. Anything else I must abide to shall be determined BY THE STATES IF NOT OUTLINED by the Constitution for the Federal Government.
All of these were written after a tyrannical King George tried to oppress and take away the freedoms of the Colonists; They tried to tell them what they could and could not read, write, protest about. The British Redcoats fought against Militia men, defending their homes, these men needed weapons of the same caliber to even have a chance. They would have the enemy sleeping in a room in their home, using their belongings without choice. Colonists were jail, held for no reason, without trial by jury, without their peers, in other states, even countries, sometimes doubly tried, or kept in jail due to a fee imposed the government knew they couldn’t pay. The British Government would twist rules to fit their agenda, and this will not happen here. And lastly and most important is the point of LESS GOVERNMENT. The President isn’t king, he is a man, all other ability is to be left to the states.

May the individual states rise again, may our rights and freedoms rise again… And may we band together against this current American Government who thinks it’s a Dictatorship, who needs to be reminded this is a Republic, ruled By the People & For The People.