Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I sense a Trump Tsunami coming

By Linda L Barton
I have to honestly say that I have never seen such a roller coaster ride of a Presidental election in all of my life.  When Donald Trump first rode the escalator down to do his first press conference, I knew this was going to be something special.  We all held a collective breath on the evening of the first Republican Debate as the stage was filled with candidates wanting to prove to the American voters that they were the person to take on the most powerful and difficult job in the world.  Then as the weeks progressed, we watched them fall by the wayside one by one, until Donald J Trump was the last one standing.

As Trump supporters, we all felt a new sense of hope and pride as we watched the Republican Convention.  Then we cheered when Donald Trump stepped out on that stage to accept the nomination. Now, I'm not going to say it wasn't a rough and bumpy road along the way.  And I'm not going to say there weren't times when I was sure that Trump had said something that would take him out of the race.  However, I now admit that in that moment of weakness on my part, I was forgetting one important thing.  Trump is NOT your normal political candidate.

No, Trump has forever broken the mold of the same old thing.  Trump has proven that you can stand up on that stage and speak from the heart.  He has proven that you can tell the ugly truth and the American people will not turn their back on you.  We have been starving for someone, to be honest with us.  We already know of the problems we're facing in this country.  Hell, we live with them on a daily basis.  We only want someone brave enough to stand up in front of the country and tell us how they are finally going to fix it.

I know as voters that we are promised the world each election cycle, only to have those we've elected to go to their cushy offices and forget who it is they work for.  Then they go to their fancy parties, rub elbows with the rich and powerful, and forget every single promise made on the campaign trail.

Now, because of Wikileaks we have learned just what the elites truly think of everyday people like you and me; you know, the little people.  And what Hillary and her like have said is beyond frightening.  Hillary says that she desires a "compliant citizenry" in order to fulfill her agenda.  Stop and think a moment what that means.  Hillary knows that we will never be compliant to her desire for a one world government.  She knows that God Fearing, Second Amendment loving Patriots will never surrender to her oppressive rule.  We only need to look back at history to how entire populations were controlled by a tyrannical government.  That is our future should Hillary Clinton sit in the White House.

However, this situation we are facing gets even worse.  You see, Trump isn't just fighting against the Clinton Machine and the corrupt Media Clinton lapdogs.  Nope, he's also fighting those in the top ranks of the Republican Party.  Look at the attempted Coop that happened this last weekend.  It has now been brought to the light of day that it wasn't the Democrats that released the infamous video of Trump, but was in fact, an operative for none other than Speaker of the House Paul Ryan!  Yep, that's right, the top Republican serving today decided to release the video with the hope of forcing Trump to step down, and put Governor Pence in his place.  Of course, the whole thing was orchestrated with several backstabbing, turncoats in the House and Senate who gleefully came out to denounce Trump and pull their support for him in a united show of morality.  The only problem was they never counted on the intelligence of the American people to see through their facade.

Insiders have come forward and reported that it was done with the hope of allowing Hillary to win this time, and then have a Ryan/Rubio ticket to challenge Hillary in 2020.   I guess they forgot to get Rubio on board with this plan because Rubio never pulled his support of Trump.  So, I have a question for those elected officials who jumped aboard Ryan's treacherous well did that work out for you?  I'd also like to ask Ryan how he thought he could help get down-ticket votes when they stabbed the one at the top in the back?  I hate to break the news to them, but Trump is bringing MILLIONS of first-time and haven't voted in years voters out for this election.  He also didn't think it through of how if he would have been successful to oust Trump.  You see, I believe that MILLIONS of us just would have stayed home.  Why waste our vote when we know they want Hillary to win?

So, my fellow Patriots, it's up to us to help spread the truth about Hillary and her corrupt actions in the past and frightening plans for the future.  We cannot sit idly by and allow this election to be stolen from the American people.  We need to send a message to the Globalists in BOTH parties that we are not going to allow them to destroy the freedoms and rights granted to us in the Constitution.  Stand strong, my fellow Deplorables, for we are on the verge of an exciting time for this country.  We are about to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

God Bless you all
God Bless Donal Trump
God Bless the United States of America

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