Friday, June 8, 2018

President Trump Lays Down the Challenge

By Linda L Barton

Wow, President Trump has done it again. While speaking to the press on his way out of the White House to Marine One this morning for his trip to Canada, he spoke of his reason for doing his latest pardons. However, he told of an idea that will surely make those in the NFL take notice.

He was speaking of granting pardons to those in sports when he suddenly announced his idea of challenging those players in the NFL who are taking a knee to tell him the names of those they know of who they believe have been treated unfairly by the justice system. He said he and his staff would go over each case provided and decide which ones should be granted a pardon or have their sentence commuted.

WOW, talk about a wonderful idea. 

Let's see if the protesting players will take President Trump up on his gracious offer. As it's said, "The ball is in their hands now."

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