Saturday, June 9, 2018

Democrats Make a Frightening Promise

By Linda L Barton

November is fast approaching which means freedom loving Americans will need to get out in LARGE numbers to stop the Democrats from regaining control of the House and Senate. It’s no secret what they plan to do if given the change. Not only will they waste NO time in trying to impeach President Trump, but they will open our southern border wide for MILLIONS of illegals to come here like a massive tidal wave, they will also gleefully raise our taxes.

This week, Congressional Democrats released a detailed tax hike plan they promised to pass if given majority control of the House and Senate. The Democrats now seem to have a problem with the deficit. We’ve all heard them go on and on about President Trump’s excessive spending and only helping the wealthy with his tax cut bill. Yeah, I know, I find that quite amusing too. LOL

President Trump holds up the tax bill after signing it in the Oval Office on Dec. 22, 2017

So, how do the Democrats say they want to reduce the debt and pay for their pet projects? You got it, through raising our taxes.

Here’s what they plan to do:

Increase the top marginal income tax rate from 37 percent to 39.6 percent. This nearly 3 percentage point increase in the top personal rate is not only a hike in the top bracket levy, but it's also a direct tax increase on small and mid-sized businesses.

Increase the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 25 percent. Up until this year, the United States labored under the highest corporate income tax rate in the developed world.

Bring back the alternative minimum tax (AMT) for 4 million families. Up until this year, 4 million upper-middle-class families had to calculate their income taxes two different ways, and then pay the higher result.

Cut the "death tax" standard deduction in half. Over the past few decades, no tax has proven more unpopular in every single poll than the death tax, the federal tax on estates. 60 to 70 percent of poll respondents consistently call for its full repeal. The new tax law didn't repeal the death tax, but it did the next best thing--it doubled the death tax's "standard deduction" from $5.5 million to $11 million (and twice that for surviving spouses). As a result, far fewer family businesses and farms will be subject to the death tax, and many smaller firms can shed the costly insurance, legal, and actuarial costs of avoiding the death tax.

I don’t know about you, but their plan would destroy all the great things President Trump has achieved since he took the helm. We cannot allow that to happen. Educate your friends about what the Democrats plan to do. Share posts like this with everyone on social media. We cannot allow the Democrats to turn back to clock to the Obama America-Last era.

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