Wednesday, June 13, 2018

BREAKING: Kim Jung-un Makes a Surprise Announcement

By Linda L Barton

With the success of the Singapore Summit between President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jun-un, we’ve all had hopes this will lead to a nuclear-free North Korea. While those on the left are doing EVERYTHING, they can to downplay the success of this meeting between the two leaders, those of us who see the full picture are thrilled to see something finally happening to end the threat of a nuclear North Korea.

Earlier today the North Korean state news confirmed that Kim Jong Un has officially accepted President Trump’s invitation to visit Washington, DC. This means even more peace talks will take place in the near future.
During remarks with Kim Jong Un on June 12th, President Trump told reporters the two leaders would continue to work on the issues dividing the nations.

“We will solve it,” Trump said. “We will be successful, and I look forward to working on it with you.”

With the howls from liberals about how President Trump gave away everything to make a deal with Kim Jung-un, it looks as though things are continuing to move toward the goal laid out at the summit. The fact that President Trump was able to get the three Americans released, the destruction of a missile testing site, and one thing that doesn’t get much attention; the returning of the remains of our soldiers killed during the war, President Trump has accomplished much more than anyone expected.

Of course, liberals have done everything they can to cast a wet blanket on the success of the summit.
President Trump has even mentioned the death of American prisoner, Otto Warmbier at the hands of his North Korean captures as a driving force for the summit. While those on the left had hoped they would reject the President’s caring gesture, the opposite has happened.
We are truly living in historic times. Heck, reports are that Norwegian Lawmakers have nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. You can bet liberal heads are exploding far and wide.

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  1. When another country has nominated our president for the Nobel Peace Prize, you gotta admit he's done some things right. I bet there are heads exploding at this new development. :)

    1. Oh, yea. I'd love to be a bug on the wall. LOL

  2. They also failed to mention That Kim Jung Un, during the summit, told President Trump that he ALSO shut down the ballistic missile engine development facility. This is in addition to destroying the missile testing sites awhile ago. It seems nobody notices that. That is a big deal!