Friday, May 25, 2018

Breaking: Attack in Portland, Oregon

What the heck is wrong with people? Earlier today and crazed motorist decided to mow down people walking at the Portland State University Urban Center, a hub that houses university departments, eateries and is the location of a MAX station and several bus stops.

Three women were hospitalized this morning following the apparent hit-and-run at Southwest Sixth Avenue and Montgomery Street in downtown Portland, according to witnesses at the scene.

One woman is in critical condition at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital, a spokesperson said. Another is in serious condition and the third is in fair condition. Police say there may be a fourth victim who left the scene.

Christopher Bond told The Oregonian that he was nearly hit by the vehicle and said the driver “gunned the motor” as it sped toward him after already hitting three people.

Bond, 48, said he was sitting outside of the Starbucks at Southwest Sixth and Mill drinking a coffee when he heard a scream. He looked up the street and saw the SUV coming towards him. He jumped up and stood against the brick wall next to the tables as the driver made for him.

“Another half-foot more, he would’ve clipped me,” Bond said.

Bond said he couldn’t see the driver through the windshield, and he didn’t have time to write down the license plate.

Patrol Sgt. Pat Kelly said the driver plowed onto the sidewalk and “really banged up a lot of people.’’

So far, they are not reporting if they’ve found the person guilty of this cowardly, and horrendous attack.

Earlier today I wrote about how a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. I wonder if we are going to have people wanting to outlaw cars now?

Anything can be a weapon in the hands of a crazed person or someone with an agenda. You cannot stop things like this from happening by taking objects away from people. If someone wants to commit murder they will ALWAYS find a way.

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