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The Spin Regarding Islamic Terrorism

Excellent breakdown of the globalist narrative that must be preserved at ALL costs. Islamic terrorism is one of its most effective weapons. Lies, manipulation, and out right propaganda designed to influence public opinion are in a full court press to save the meme.

The endgame has two possible outcomes:

The global governance crowd will use Islamofascism as the means of totalitarian subjugation or:

Terrorist attacks will increase in number and levels of atrocities to the point where a cowed populace will cry out for a world government/military to crush the Islamist movement and protect humanity.

Both scenarios guarantee a most miserable existence in a truly dystopian society.

Many are aware of the Orwellian future ahead of us but are dismissed as "racist" (Oh, wait, Islam is not a race, it is an ideology cloaked in religion) or radical wingnut extremists (a much overused word). Do those who are aware have enough numbers and strength to outnumber the useful idiots who seemingly carry the day?

How Public Opinion Gets Manipulated After Every Islamic Terrorist Attack
by Christi Junior ·

So yet again, France has been struck by a large-scale terrorist attack carried out by a Muslim, with ISIS claiming credit. As horrible of an atrocity as this is, it’s hardly shocking at this point – the problem of Islamic terrorism has only gotten worse as world leaders refuse to address the root causes, namely a hateful, unreformed belief system coupled with a grievance culture that puts even BlackLivesMatter to shame.

With terrorist attacks by hardcore Islamic thugs becoming such a depressingly common occurrence, I’ve started to notice some interesting patterns when it comes to how such atrocities are handled, especially by the media, but sometimes also by Western governments and law enforcement:

The “Anti-Muslim Backlash” Narrative:
Before the bodies of the latest victims of Islamic terrorism are even cold, you’ll more likely that not see hysterical headlines, news-stories and statements from politicians about how the REAL tragedy is that anti-Muslim sentiment could increase as a result. Never mind that this worry has always been vastly overhyped, or how a handful of hate crimes directed at Muslims would hardly even be comparable to large-scale terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims, the media just can’t avoid portraying Muslims as the victims of Western aggression – even when contrasting real, Muslim terrorism with purely hypothetical hate crimes, or mean tweets.

Belated admission that the terrorists were Muslim:
The longer it takes for media to identify him, the more likely the driver was Muslim. #Nice

— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) July 14, 2016

During the Nice attack, it took a good few hours between the terrorist being confirmed to have been killed by the police and information about him actually beginning to surface – which revealed that he was a Tunisian Muslim. This was despite his ID having been found at the crime scene. I recall the same holding true during all sorts of other terrorist attacks, including the ones in Orlando and Paris. All sorts of relevant eye-witness accounts, about how the terrorist in question for example looked Middle Eastern or shouted Allahu Akbar, also have a habit of being held back for a while.

Now, I realize we are talking about hours, not days here, but during an emergency that certainly does feel like a long time. Of course, there are competing interests at work here – those of the public, which wants to know just who is attacking them as quickly as possible, and those of the mainstream media, desperately looking for a way to soften the impact of revealing that yet again one or more Muslim terrorists have been slaughtering Western civilians. Delaying the announcement of the killer’s identity/identifiable characteristics just long enough can prevent some of the initial righteous anger from being directed at say, Western immigration policies, and confusion and uncertainty instead prevailing.

Not showing the true aftermath of Muslim terrorism:
During last year’s Syria “refugee” crisis, the mainstream media couldn’t get enough of shoving pictures of dead children in our faces, in a grotesque and blatant campaign of emotional blackmail aimed at guilt tripping Europeans into letting millions of unvetted Muslim migrants into their countries, never mind that most of these people were fighting-age males, neither Syrians nor actual refugees. However, whenever Europe gets a painful reminder of the predictable consequences of allowing Muslim migrants to enter their countries the media suddenly becomes a model of restraint, not wanting to show any “upsetting” images or videos. Never mind that the truth in this case IS upsetting by its very nature.

Of course, what they really want is to prevent the kind of emotional response that they were exploiting to gain sympathy for the “refugees” to ever be awoken in response to Muslim terrorism. And this isn’t just the media trying to sanitize terrorism by Muslims – it has recently come out that the French government suppressed reports of gruesome torture during the Bataclan Massacre. By not showing or describing the true nature of what Europeans are subjected to in the name of Islam, Europeans less likely to be woken up and truly realize the nature of the Muslim threat. 

Letting Muslims shape the Narrative on Muslim terrorism:
After the Paris attack last year I noticed how every other person I saw interviewed on TV for analysis of the situation was Muslim. Now, since Muslims are to blame for Europe’s current terrorism problem, it does make sense to get some Muslims involved in the discussion – but just uncritically interviewing Muslim after Muslim in the aftermath of Islamic terrorism, letting them set the narrative and in at least some cases practice blatant Taqiya? After the terrorist attack committed by Anders Behring Breivik in Norway 5 years ago, I certainly don’t ever remember tons of nationalists and far-right figures being given a media platform to explain to us how Breivik’s actions in no way represented them, or explain how great real and true far-right politics were.

Blaming everything but Islam – and I mean EVERYTHING:
Media Blames Truck, Not Terrorists or Islam, For Nice Attack – #NiceAttack

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) July 15, 2016

While the media blames everything from assault-trucks to toxic masculinity for the latest terrorist attack, you’re extremely unlikely to hear about, say, the alarming levels of support among even young Western Muslims for suicide bombings. The fact that it keeps being Muslims who carry out attacks like these is either to be obscured or explained away. As such, instead of making people more informed, the media wants muddy the waters so much that people think a straightforward issue is much more complex than it really is.

As Europe’s Muslim population keeps growing, with all sorts of accompanying social and security problems, Muslim terrorism reminds the starkest reminder of the costs of Muslim immigration and multiculturalism. Small wonder then, that the “Diversity”-obsessed Establishment, suffering from potentially lethal levels of white guilt, becomes especially keen to manipulate public perception of such attacks. My list of examples is by no means exhaustive either – in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the #BasedCommentSection can come up with several examples of this sort of thing that I will be kicking myself for leaving out. For now though, this article can hopefully serve as a good starting point for further reflection and discussion on this important topic.

Source: The Ralphretort

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