Thursday, July 21, 2016

Look out Hillary, here comes your worst nightmare!

As the Republican Convention rolled to an end, I have to say was quite a ride.  I enjoyed most of the speeches, and the festivities, but now it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  The GOP has a strong ticket to face Hillary and the Democrats in Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  They are both principled men who love this country and want to restore it to its once great glory.

I was thrilled to watch his past competitors step up and give their support to Trump by honoring the pledge they all took at the beginning of the primary.  Governor Perry, Governor Walker, and Senator Rubio all proved they were men of honor and understand we must do everything we can to stop Hillary.  I'm not going to say I was surprised by what Senator Cruz did.  He has proven that his desire to be President is more important than his honor, considering all the things he pulled during the primary.  Therefore, his stunt at the convention came as no surprise.

In my opinion, Donald J Trump hit a Grand Slam with his speech to the American people and the world.  It's time to put all the infighting aside and focus on Hillary Clinton.  She is the enemy of freedom and we need to make sure she NEVER gets to return to the White House as our President!

God Bless America
Dear Lord, please watch over Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and keep them both safe.

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