Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Little Walk Down Memory Lane

By Linda L Barton

I was wasting some time on YouTube this evening and came across this wonderfully, amusing video.  As a Trump Supporter from day one, I had firmly believed he would be our 45th President.  Then as election day grew closer, I must admit that I began to get a bit nervous.  However, as election day evening went on, I knew we would be spared as a Nation.  You see, we, the American voter, stood tall and elected Donal J Trump to be our President.  All the dirty tricks and lies from the left did no good.

So, whenever the Democraps, Snowflakes, and Corrupt Media try to tell us how it was a shallow victory because the Russians handed him the White House...just watch this.  All their lies couldn't get Hillary the White House, therefore, all their lies cannot stop President Trump from fulfilling his promises to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN...GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE! 

Sit back and enjoy. I'm sure you'll laugh as much as I did.

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