Friday, September 9, 2016

Is it Freedom of Speech or Disrespect?

With all the controversy happening this election cycle, I thought it was important to touch on one thing that seems to be growing every day.  The Black Lives Matters movement has grown to a point where just saying you disagree with their often violent actions, gets you labeled a racist and hater. It seems to be okay to attack someone just because they're white.  It also seems to be happening far too often lately, as you see the reports of people beaten, and some even killed after being targeted by those in the fringes of the Black Lives Matters Movement.

Now, let's talk about the current protests happening in the world of football.  One player decided to protest by not standing for the National Anthem, and now others seem to feel the need to join in.  I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time processing all of this.  Those players make MILLIONS of dollars and they seem to think if they sit out the National Anthem, it will somehow make a difference.  Why not get involved in the areas they claim are suffering?  Why not act as role models, letting underprivileged children know that through hard work and staying out of trouble, they can also know the same success.  They are stoking the fires of hate and only adding to the problems we are facing as Americans today.

I may be old-fashioned, but this whole hating America stuff is wrong!  If it's so damn bad here, there are plenty of other countries where you can take you spoiled, overpaid ass to live.  My husband is a football fan, BUT he has said if he sees any player sitting or taking a knee during the National Anthem, he will change the channel.  He said he doesn't care if it's the team he supports or not.  In fact, he sent a message to his favorite team, letting them know if any of their players join in on this protest, he will NO LONGER support the team by watching their games.

We, the fans, need to stand up and let the owners know they will lose money because we will NOT support their team if they allow this to continue.  The players may have their freedom of speech, BUT so do we.  We can exercise our freedom of speech by not supporting ANY team that allows this disrespect of our flag and country.

I remember a slogan that was quite popular several years ago that needs to come back today...

America, Love It or Leave It!!

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