Thursday, April 19, 2018

... And They ALL Come Tumbling Down!

My, my, how the mighty do fall. With all the media reports today, it looks as though the DC Corruption House of Cards is beginning to crumble.

It looks like former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is going to be the first to fall. The Department of Justice Inspector General has sent a criminal referral for McCabe to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, DC. Wow, this is HUGE!!

It's been reported that federal prosecutors are in the process of determining if McCabe should be charged criminally for LYING to federal agents at the DOJ and FBI.

Last week, the IG office released a report that showed McCabe lied at least four times to DOJ investigators when he was questioned about leaking sensitive information to the media.

According to the report:
  • McCabe lied once to former FBI Director James Comey
  • Once to FBI officials
  • Twice to DOJ investigators about authorizing leaks about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
McCabe also provided the information to The Wall Street Journal in October 2016 which downplayed the FBI’s investigations into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the “pay-for-play” scheme at the Clinton Foundation. Crap, he better be careful not to suicide himself.

News of the criminal referrals lit up Twitter:

Will this criminal referral set precedent for the DOJ to charge other former officials for breaking the law? It should. We've all seen how deep the corruption runs in the DC Swamp. It will be interesting to see who sells out who first. 

One exciting thing is this may also be legal trouble for James Comey. We've all seen how he lied under oath last June when he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey sat there and brazenly told lawmakers he NEVER personally leaked or authorized anyone at the FBI to leak information about the Clinton investigation. When asked, Comey clearly said, “never” and “no” to both of the questions from lawmakers.

On Wednesday, Michael Bromwich, the attorney representing McCabe, released a statement stating that Comey is lying about that claim. McCabe asserts that Comey knew he was leaking information to the media about the Clinton investigation and authorized it.

Of course, this would mean Comey sat there before Congress and the American people and lied under oath  — which is a felony. So, will a criminal referral next be sent to prosecutors for Comey? If McCabe is charged for lying, then Comey should be treated the same, right?

Each count of lying under oath could get McCabe 5 years in prison. Therefore, McCabe is potentially facing 20 years in prison. Do you think he'll try for a plea deal? Who do you believe he'll sell-out? Also, how high do you feel this will go - all the way to the top? We've heard reports of how Obama knew what was going on and even condoned it.

When the Democrats began the Russia Collusion LIE, I bet they never believed it would turn around and hit them in the face. I have always said, "when you point a finger of guilt at someone, there is four more pointing back at you." The Democrats and their minions are learning that valuable lesson. LOL

When President Trump first said, "Drain the Swamp" most of us wondered if it was possible. However, as time goes on it only proves President Donald Trump is just who we needed in the White House. The swamp creatures are scampering for cover as the draining swamp sludge exposes them to the light of day.

God Bless the USA

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