Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Malfeasance Chronicles

There is a plethora of information available on corruption and collusion in our government body which is far too much for this post.

The excerpts from the following articles are but a small sample of the egregious undertakings of those who allegedly "serve the people". Corruption has always existed, but in the past decade it has been elevated into a highly visible art form.

And it has gone unchecked.

The perpetrators seem to get away with their dirt and their supporters seemingly do not care, even when faced with the facts. Denial is the most primitive defense mechanism employed, and it is definitely the tool of choice by the unaware, useful idiots, and bots.

Chances are the reader has heard of one or more of these scandals, but perhaps an unknown gem or two will appear.

SALT LAKE CITY — Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings confirmed "that he is investigating U.S. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid based on evidence he has come across in prosecuting former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

In a response to questions this week, Rawlings in a prepared statement said he's looking into Reid and others based on the overlap in facts and witnesses in the Shurtleff case. Shurtleff himself reported what he felt may be potential crimes, Rawlings said.

The direction of the evidence investigators have accumulated demands a thorough vetting by someone with authority do to it, he said, adding that Reid and Shurtleff are presumed innocent and may in fact be innocent.

"However, to simply ignore and run from what has been presented by multiple witnesses and sources, and the potential impact on the Mark L. Shurtleff case, would mean I am either intentionally blind or overly worried," Rawlings said."More
"Former President Bill Clinton received $5.6 million in fees from a Dubai-based firm that teaches Sharia law through a network of more than 100 schools worldwide.

Clinton served as the honorary chairman of the company GEMS Education from 2011 to 2014, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported this week, citing Clinton’s federal tax returns.

GEMS Education teaches Sharia law in over 100 schools around the world, including in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. One of the company’s schools, located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, taught 1,600 students in 2013. Saudi Arabia is known for enforcing Wahhabism, a fundamentalist view of Islam that strictly adheres to Sharia law." More
It appears to be official: the FBI is investigating potential corruption in the Clinton Foundation. "And here’s what may be even more encouraging, given our recent disappointment in the willingness of the FBI to press charges where it appeared they were due. The investigation into the Clinton Foundation is being supported by various local U.S. attorneys’ offices — including a New York-based U.S. Attorney whose “prosecutorial aggressiveness has resulted in a large number of convictions of banks, hedge funds and Wall Street insiders.” The attorney is known for securing convictions of prominent political figures as well." More
NY Times Public Editor Calls Out The Paper Over Hillary Clinton Cover-Up "The New York Times is just one outlet, but this is going on across the media landscape. Hillary is getting away with murder while Donald Trump gets raked over the coals for stupid stuff like the Khan spat and jokes about Russian espionage. Credit where credit is due: It’s good that this even appeared in the Times, but shame on them for allegedly trying to bury it by not sharing it on their social accounts. It’s well worth a read and a share, even if the other (non-public) editors there don’t think so." More
CIA Chief Who Edited Benghazi Talking Points, Works for Hillary Adviser, Endorses Hillary "Former CIA director Michael Morell endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and blasted GOP rival Donald Trump, accusing him of becoming an unwitting agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin in an op-ed on Friday.

CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, who edited the talking points that were used by Susan Rice on Sept. 16, was told in a secure video call less than 72 hours after the attack by our people on the ground in Libya that they were ‘baffled, angry, and dismayed, with Washington’s singular focus on the video. They were upset with Morell because he seemed to dismiss their reporting — none of which suggested in any way that a video was the cause of the attack. That video conference call included CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, the CIA Chief of Station in Tripoli, survivors who had been evacuated to Germany, and Greg Hicks (Deputy to Ambassador Chris Stevens).

After Hillary blamed the video at the funeral of the four men who were murdered in the attack, the Chief of Station in Tripoli then emailed Morell directly saying that the video was NOT an escalation of protests....

Despite that email, Morell still edited the talking points to blame the video, which is the same talking points Susan Rice used on the 16th in her infamous appearance on all five Sunday morning political talk shows....

Bear in mind that on Sept 12, the day after the attack, the CIA Chief of Station in Tripoli sent situation reports with the raw intelligence from the attack to the leadership of the CIA which included Morell, none of which indicated a video was responsible for the attack." More
Hillary And Huma "The recent Huma Abedin interview in People probably strikes many as a more or less forgettable red-meat story for conservatives. We already knew something was weird with this gal, although sure enough, it gets a little weirder yet:...

Huma’s statement to People is so daft in the way it draws attention and lends credibility to the rumors about her and Hillary being lovers that it seems at least as likely to be a statement made for inner-circle tactical reasons as one sincerely made in an unguarded moment. If it is the former, that would be very disturbing, because it would mean that along with every other sign of the corruption permeating the House of Clinton, we’re seeing that in the midst of Hillary’s primary campaign, a top aide issues an implicit threat to reveal more of what she knows, or to tell more believable tales, unless she gets the attention, power, and promises she is after. And yes, her Muslim Brotherhood connections are very serious ones. Even if we someday learn that Huma’s motivations to get into Clinton’s circle were fundamentally detached from any foreign and/or Islamist agenda, what I suspect this statement reveals about her relationship with Hillary is quite troubling." More
Our nation is sinking ever more into the abyss of blind corruption and a hedonism encouraged by the Powers That Be" for their own purpose.
This writer, as well as many others, firmly believes that America is the only obstacle standing between the freedom of individual nations to conduct their own affairs and the loss of their sovereignty to a centralized global rule.

Unfortunately, our numbers are too few to overcome the portentous developments both present and yet to come. Our cultural and governing social institutions have been so weakened by the onslaught of our internal enemies with their false narratives and covert manipulations that the America we once knew is no more.
Our nation will fall due to both internal treachery by the governing class as well as by the ignorance and denial of the citizenry. The elitist planned chaos will then come into fruition, and the set-up for the destruction of all nation states and their total subjugation to a totalitarian globalist system will then be achieved. 

Let us all pray that the above does not come to pass. However, we must be prepared in case it does.

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