Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's time to choose

As the general election gets into high gear, we are being bombarded with reports on the candidates, and what they will do if elected President.  As I'm sure you all know, I'm supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States and have since day one.  In the beginning, I had friends question my choice of who I wanted to lead this great nation, but over time, I have watched those same friends come to realize that Trump is just what we need at this time of our country's history.

I have watched the steady attempt to destroy Donald Trump by those on the left and the NeverTrumpers, but it seems the more they try, the less effect their attacks and lies have on the American people.  I have heard those same people say, "We need someone who is Presidential."  Well, let's take a look at just what Presidential looks like...

The great state of Louisiana is recovering from a major flooding event and where is our current President and those who want to replace him?

President Obama is on yet another vacation, golfing and having a wonderful time.  This is the same man who went after President Bush for "flying" over the flooding during the Katrina disaster and not getting on the ground with those suffering.  This is the same man who sent a memo out to the rescuers to be sure to not be racist in their rescue attempts just the other day.  This is the same man who couldn't cut is vacation short and go back to the White House in solitary to the people of Louisiana.   If this is Presidential then we need to rethink things.

Hillary Clinton loves to say how she is ready to be the President and how she will always be there for the American people.  She proved how well she would be there when Americans were under attack in Benghazi and 4 Americans died .  Now, she's doing it again.  Americans are suffering in Louisiana and where is Hillary?  She's fundraising and resting.  Oh yeah, she did take a few moments of her precious time to call the Governor of Louisiana.  Wasn't that special?  *sarcasm intended**

Yesterday, Donald Trump proved he is a man of his word.  He proved that actions are more powerful than empty promises.  He knew the media and the Democrats would try to spin his simple act of caring into something else, but he didn't care.  Donald Trump took the time out of his busy campaign to go to Louisiana and meet with the people.  He took 4 hours to tour the area, hear the people's stories, and bring them some much-needed supplies that HE paid for out of his own pocket.

Trump showed up, which is more than you can say about our current President and the other candidate wanting the job.

As I watched the many videos taken, showing the faces of those suffering from the flooding as they told their stories to Donald Trump; I couldn't help but see the compassion and concern in his eyes for everything those people are facing.  He didn't grandstand, he didn't give a speech.  He simply listened and gave his support.

So, my fellow Americans, we have an important decision to make this November 8th.  Do we elect someone who never shows up when needed like we have now, or do we elect a man who thinks of the needs of others and steps up to help and does what's needed?  This my fellow Patriots is the man we need.  Donald Trump has shown us what being Presidential looks like.

It's time to take our country back from those who seek to destroy it.  Trump/Pence 2016

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